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Learn more about the staff and key players at Enfield CC
Howard Cook
Robin Bracewell
Vice chairman
John Hargreaves
Mark Hollister
Andy Walsh
Committee members
Jack Cook, Chris Waring, Simon O’Loughlin, Lois Haworth, Anthony Shackleton, Paul Seddon, Allen Wilkinson, Mark Hollister.
Other staff
Stewardess - Tracey Whitehead
League Representative - Allen Wilkinson
Welfare Officer -Anthony Shackleton
Welfare Officer - Yvonne Winnard
Coaching staff
Head Coach -
Assistant Coach - Professional
Coaching staff:
Anthony Shackleton, Simon O’Loughlin, Becky Winnard, Kieran Shackleton, Lewis Garratty
Team staff
Junior Co-ordinator - Anthony Steele
Under 15’s Team Manager – Chris Wearing
Under 13’s Team Manager – Becky Winnard
Under 11’s Team Manager - Anthony Shackleton
Under 9’s Team Manager - Simon O’Loughlin / Becky Winnard
Allstars / U9s - Dave Holden
1st XI Captain - Simon O'Loughlin
2nd XI Captain - Pete O'Farrell
3rd XI Captain - Anthony Shackleton
2020 Professional - Evan Jones (South Africa)
Marketing and website staff
Press Officer/Web Admin - Allen Wilkinson / Dave Holden
Sponsorship Coordinator - Jack Cook